Vijayashree Public School vision is to provide holistic education that encourages children to develop a love for learning while preparing them for life


  • To promote academic excellence.
  • To integrate arts and sports into the curriculum.
  • Facilitate the growth of leadership skills in children.
  • To help children realise their creative potential.
  • To help children develop a set of universal values such as  being non-judgmental, responsible, compassionate, and mindful.
Our Philosophy
Freshness in approach, Openness of enquiry, breadth of study, creativity in argument and invention, independence of mind, and ambition for real quality: these are the keynotes in our approach to education, and we hope our students will embrace them with energy. The harmonious relationship between student and teacher is vital to our success. We believe in encouraging intellectual and cultural diversity and aim at developing our pupils’ sense of responsibility towards the wider community. It is also our aim to offer a dynamic environment where each student is challenged and encouraged to become a critical and compassionate thinker, dedicated learner for life, a contributing member of the local and global community, showing respect and understanding for other cultures and acknowledging that others can be different and also right. The school pledges not to make its children apprehensive of their limitations. Instead, we encourage them to discover their own potential and develop it in our ‘Total Learning Environment’.