Mr.Srinivas Prasad

The well-trained faculty at Vijaya Shree Public School stand out with friendliness, caring, flexibility, and approachability etc. They imbibe these values to my son to make him a much more confident and outgoing person than he was before joining Vijaya Shree Public School.

Pooja Rao

I have seen my child ooze with confidence since his entry into Vijaya Shree Public School. He has evolved into an amazing individual who could handle his own choices and express his views indifferently. Vijaya Shree Public School teachers have helped him become better at every venture with unsolicited guidance.

Vijay Sharmila

Both our children have been studying at Vijaya Shree Public School for 10 years now. We found Vijaya Shree Public School to be a well-established ground for our children returning from US to prosper and grow individually and together with programs like CAS (Creativity, Action & Service).