Director Message

We are very proud of Vijayashree Public School, which opened its gate only three years ago, but has already taken an important place in the heart of our community. Here we aim at offering child-centred education with a rich and innovative curriculum, providing the dynamic environment and placing emphasis on learning. However, no education is worth if it does not prepare the children for life.

Vijayashree Public School was started with the objective of making school a happy place, and learning, a happy experience. Learning is a natural process and happens best when the learner is eager to learn. It comes about in an atmosphere of love, good relationship and friendliness and only when both the teacher and the taught have open and receptive minds. Learning based on fear and coercion is not real learning and respect extracted through such fear, again, is not real respect at all. Fear and other inhibitions, as well as authoritarian attitudes, build walls of resistance between students and teachers.

Vijayashree Public School was started in the hope that teachers, parents and children would come together in a spirit of friendliness, love, and freedom from fear.


A child is a unique gift of God to humanity with a bundle of talents hidden inside. At teacher as a mentor, nurturer, healer and an inspirer polish the various talents and virtues of the child to make him or her, a responsible citizen of the society. Children are the future of the nation. So they should be taught the right values in life to develop the feeling of brotherhood and nationalism.

I always ask myself, “What should be the first priority in a student’s life?” The answer which I find is nothing but ‘time’. There are many factors which are responsible for one’s success, but ‘time‘ stands high above all. A student’s success depends on how meticulously he or she plans the little time at his or her disposal to complete the plan of studies. Hundred percent devotion within a stipulated time-limit results in success.

Success, however, should always be combined with strong moral and ethical values. The focus should lie in preparing students to think reflectively and develop their own enhanced capacity for ethical reasoning with a correct code of conduct. This will develop good moral judgment in students and it will help to promote social values both within the classroom and beyond.

Money can never buy what I have wished for my students So, let education be an all-around development with social, ethical and moral values inculcated in teaching. Let the students be a part of whatever noble we do and our good teachings would still be around, long after we have gone, making our country a ‘dream-country’ for all. All the best for the future ………….


K.B.Chikkamuniyappa Education Trust (R)


Dear Readers,

“Time to Leap, Wisdom to Lead, Explore the New Horizon, Soar High.” With this frame of reference, Vijayashree Public School initiates the mechanism of synchronizing student’s, talents, passion and competence, foster and nurtures, the leaders capable of making difference as entrepreneurs.

Transformation is what defines ‘survival’ in the vast Educational field. VPS

promises ‘Accelerated Transformation’ by far beyond the expectations. in order to surpass the demands of education in the current scenario, our institution bequeaths the students with state-of-the-art theoretical knowledge, innovative and creative practical skills and engineering attitudes.

With the assistance of top quality faculty, knowledge ensued on the courses will be highly transferable in drawing out the student’s unique combination of talents, strengths, and passions, thus constantly adding color, texture, experience and impact to our world by inculcating the business wisdom to lead, inspire and aspire to soar high. Equipped with an avant-garde system of teaching and advanced infrastructure, VPS aims in becoming a world-class educational institution.

It is ideal to quote poet William Wordsworth “Wisdom is often times nearer when we stoop than when we soar”. Learning is made more meaningful and valuable through the industry need-based curriculum, appropriate pedagogy through Creative Learning Methodology, Case Philosophy, Activity Based Learning, Simulation Exercises, Business Games and Experimental Learning Exercises leveraging the unique system.

Apart from superlative infrastructural facilities, VPS invites experts from industries, CEOs and Management Gurus to the campus to share their expertise with students hence facilitating a smooth campus-to-corporate transition and enabling them to become successful entrepreneurs. The students are transformed with the right attitude through an array of activities like outbound training, self-development activity, and personality development arena.

Vijayashree Public School is perceived to be an institute that sustains the two most

important principles of modern education wisdom – ‘enlightened transformation’ and ‘self-induced transition’. This marks the effective transition of tomorrow.

“You say I started out with practically nothing but that isn’t correct.

We all start with all there is. it’s how we use it that makes things possible” – Henry Ford.

K.B.Chikkamuniyappa Education Trust (R)


“Most of us who have been involved in the field of education for the last two and a half decades and have witnessed the drastically changing socio-economic background – have felt the deep impact of this changing scenario on school going, children.

Having gone Globe on economic, political and allied fronts as a nation and thrown open our doors to the winds of change, one could foresee what legacy
we were to create for the future inheritors of our country.

Anticipated, the next gen would be global citizens where geographical boundaries would cease to deter belongingness to merely one corner or location and would certainly demand a much wider perspective and a mindset to match from each individual.

We urgently required a system of education whereby a ‘state of the art’ technology would support a much wider array of content from a world perspective that would take the children of today through such strategically planned experiences that were drawn from any part of the world and measured up qualitatively as per world standards to prepare world citizens of tomorrow. it was a challenge.

The makeover of educational institutions, to a more congenial and homogenous organization for a growing global individual, has been but a natural outcome.

Classroom management too is seeing a revolution of sorts with pedagogical support from IT and allied media.

Consideration of the Multiple intelligence is a key factor in effective teaching-learning practices in scholastic and co-scholastic areas today.

Parents can be excellent support for such a programme and come forward to volunteer.

At the Vijayashree Public School, Bangalore, while promoting academic excellence, we will constantly be integrating ourselves with all such factors and more. We shall constantly safeguard and nurture – the sensitive human being in every child, involving ourselves in and keeping ahead in this nation-building enterprise involving all stakeholders effectively and uniformly in our endeavor.”

With Regards,
Siddesh S.A.